Electronic news - more for less

Electronic news - more for less

Posted on 08 Jan 2010

Reaching more people at a reduced cost is everyone’s perfect scenario right now.

That’s why the design team at ICG is suggesting you consider an ‘enterprising way’ to do just that.

Electronic newsletters have been snapped up by our client Enterprise as an innovative way to engage more directly with a variety of people.

There are currently two in the pipeline at ICG, both of which will support Enterprise’s flag ship print publication ‘Review’.

The first, Insight, comes as a direct result of feedback from staff and offers a great platform to share news and views amongst colleagues.

CR Connect will be hot on the heels of Insight and will act as a voice for the corporate responsibility work the company carries out.

“Electronic newsletters are a very exciting media to work with and they give more scope for interactive communication to a much wider audience,” said ICG’s Creative Director Simon Couchman.

“More and more clients are expressing an interest in working this way and we are looking forward to working on many more similar projects this year.”

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