Enterprising ideas for newsletters

Enterprising ideas for newsletters

Posted on 26 Apr 2012

When the maintenance and service provider giant Enterprise wanted to refresh and revitalise its Utilities and Defence Division staff newsletter it turned to ICG's creative design and digital departments.

Management took inspiration from a previous format that we used for one of our own in-house newsletters and decided the tabloid sized design would best suit their needs. They also opted for a digital version that could be emailed to staff.

The first eight page edition of 'Focus' covered all the latest news and views from the division and provided in depth coverage of their annual road show, which is aimed at informing staff of all the latest services on offer to clients.

ICG's design team created a fresh and clean look centred round the green colour palette of the Utilities and Defence Division and used Enterprise's specialist silhouette illustrations throughout to add extra pace and vibrancy.

The digital version was completed first and focussed on easy to read snippets with links to further information on the company intranet. Following this, 2000 printed copies of the newsletter were delivered into Enterprise.

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