GA4 arrived this summer – here’s what you need to know

Google Analytics has long been a trusted companion of marketeers, businesses and organisations. It is a vital tool to gather valuable data about customers and audiences.


But now, there’s a new player in town – GA4. And this isn’t just a regular software update, it’s a complete reimagining of analytics!


Here are four good reasons why you should embrace GA4.


  1. Understanding the customer journey across all platforms

Customers interact with businesses across various touchpoints and GA4 offers enhanced cross-platform tracking. This means you can follow users as they move between websites, mobile apps and other digital platforms. This in-depth view of the customer journey enables you to gain deeper insights into user behaviour, identify pain points and optimise experiences.


  1. More than just page views

Previously we tracked sessions and page views. Now GA4 uses an event-based model where every user interaction is treated as an individual event, giving you a broader view of user engagement. This allows you to track all manner of actions from video views and downloads to clicks on specific website elements.


  1. Forecasting future trends

GA4 harnesses the power of machine learning to deliver predictive metrics that help you forecast future trends and behaviours. By analysing patterns in user data, GA4 can provide insights into potential outcomes and this means businesses can stay ahead of the curve and adapt strategies in real time.


  1. Privacy-centric

With privacy concerns on the rise, GA4 has been designed with user privacy in mind. It aligns with changing regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, and focuses on user consent and data protection.  However, it is still up to you to use GA4 in compliance with data privacy laws.

Matt is the Digital Marketing Manager at ICG and helps clients get the most out of GA4 so they can make informed decisions about their marketing strategies.