Getting the wheels in motion for local primary school

For the third week of our ‘Give Back Fridays’ campaign, we are helping pupils from a local primary school get back on the road to enjoy swimming lessons, school trips and outdoor activities.


Staining Primary School’s minibus was stolen from the school grounds back in September and a £15,000 fundraising campaign is now underway to get a replacement.


ICG’s Account Manager, Jenny Clark, who is a member of the school’s Parent Teacher Association, said she was thrilled with ICG’s support.


In a statement on the school’s Just Giving page, the School Business Manager explained:


“This (minibus) is an integral part of the school life and it is such a shame – we have worked hard to be in the unique position of being a primary school with a minibus and we have built an exciting new curriculum around it.


“Lots of trips, extra swimming sessions, adventurous activities and visits can only take place because we can get the children to these events with the minibus.


“Unfortunately, we are in danger of the children missing out – something we are not willing to let happen.”


Jenny, whose two daughters Poppy and Izzy attend the school, said: “I just want my daughters and their classmates to be able to enjoy the best bits of school again.


“They loved their day trips and extra-curricular activities so we’re extremely grateful to ICG for supporting us and helping them get back on the road!”


To make a contribution please visit the school’s fundraising page.