ICG inspires creativity with stylish makeover

ICG has revealed a stylish new-look, following a much-anticipated makeover of its Preston-based studio.

After undergoing a little nip and tuck, the integrated agency now sports an ultra-modern design, state-of-the-art equipment and even speedier systems.

So, what’s new?

ICG has put its interior design hat on, transforming the rural studio into an eye-catching creative hub. In contrast to the barns exterior, its offices now feature modern colour-coded departments and bright coloured workspaces, designed to inspire creativity.

The company has introduced a number of pods and relaxed seating areas allowing the team to work away from their desks and conduct meetings in a more informal setting.

And with studies indicating that reducing sedentary time can improve physical, metabolic and even mental health, the agency has invested in six state-of-the-art sit-stand desks to promote a healthy work environment.

The office space has also been given a re-design to accommodate its rapidly expanding team and portfolio. Departments and workspaces have been re-jigged creating a more efficient layout and increasing capacity allowance by a third.

Continuing the theme of efficiency, ICG has also updated its networks to speed up systems.

Simon Couchman, Creative Director at ICG, said the renovations are proving to be popular amongst the team.

He said: “The new set up allows people to work away from their desks and it’s great to see the team utilizing all of the new informal pods and seating areas.

“Our aim was to create a modern design that is conducive to creativity and an environment that people can be inspired by.

“We’re already beginning to reap the benefits!”

Coming soon….

We’re not finished yet!

Later this spring we will be welcoming a themed brainstorm room, pool tables and an outside seating area to take advantage of our beautiful rural location.

Simon said: “We are very lucky to be based in such a beautiful area of Lancashire, so it seems crazy to spend all of our working day cooped up inside.

“The new seating area will allow the team to take a break from their desks and enjoy the relaxing sound of tweeting from the nesting birds in the trees outside the office.”

We will be sharing sneak peeks on our social media over the coming months, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

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Why did we decide to take a stand?

Benefits of Standing:
• When you move, your body sends endorphins to your brain, which increases your innovation, creativity, and even productivity.
• Movement leads directly to fresh blood and oxygen pumping through your body, boosting your energy and reinvigorating your muscles.
• Standing desk users increase their heart rate by 8 beats per minute, resulting in weight loss and burning calories.
• Using a standing desk does not negatively impact typing and other workplace tasks.
• Studies have shown that working at a stand up desk minimizes fatigue, depression, and tension, as well as increases focus, energy, and overall happiness.
• Reduced back and neck pain
• Reduced risk of heart attack and heart disease
• Increased focus and productivity
• Better posture and increased core strength
• Burn up to 40% more calories per day

Standing and Movement Helps Your:
• Heart – Increases blood flow, good cholesterol, and overall heart rate.
• Muscles – Strengthens abs and back, and minimizes muscle tightness.
• Spine – Counteracts pressure on discs and vertebrae from sitting.
• Brain – Sends oxygen and blood to the brain, increasing mental acuity.