ICG unveils a colourful new look for Language Studies International’s London Central School

When Language Studies International (LSI) wanted to revamp the main entrance and interior of their London Central school, they called on ICG to create the bespoke designs for wall graphics and signage.

LSI has an extensive network of language schools located in some of the most attractive city destinations around the world, where people of all ages and backgrounds go to learn and live the local language.

To reflect the variety of people, cultures and languages associated with the LSI learning experience, the design of the new wall graphics feature an array of vibrant colours, arranged in a tiled pattern and layered with black and white photography of students both in the classroom and out and about, immersing themselves in the local culture. The exciting new graphics bring the space to life, generating a strong brand message and improve the working environment for both students and staff.

With the LSI brand identity currently benefiting from a refresh, the interior designs are the first chance to see the new creative in place.

LSI’s language schools in London Hampstead, Brighton, Paris and New York are next in line to be treated to a makeover. This is just a taste of the new branding, so come back soon to see how it’s developed in other areas of the business.

Take a look at the video below of the interior space at the London Central school.