Light bulb moment for Apollo Energy

It was a true light bulb moment when ICG came up with the new branding for utility management specialists, Apollo Energy.

The Chorley based family business needed to re-energise its identity and reinforce its market leading credentials as a customer-focused energy and utilities broker and site works specialist.

ICG’s design, digital and PR team worked closely with Directors Eddie and Jackie Gray to create a branding and communications strategy that would make them stand out from the crowd and reflect their wide range of services and expertise.

Importantly, it needed to be launched in time for the deregulation of the water market happening in April.

Drawing on the company name, ICG created a new brand mark using the letter A to create interest and be a focal point for messages and campaigns. The existing corporate colour of yellow was retained and complemented by additional colours to segment Apollo Energy’s core services.

The new branding was rolled out on the company’s website, data sheets, stationery and external signage. Line drawings were used to explain individual services in greater detail and bring pace and vitality to the overall customer experience.

Email campaigns are now underway to promote Apollo Energy’s wide range of services including the new opportunities in the water market and tell clients more about their expertise, people and ethos.

Jackie Gray said the new branding has received lots of positive feedback: “We have had a number of clients comment on the new brand which is great news, they all love it.”