Marathon man goes the extra mile for NHS

Our very own marathon man (and joint MD), Simon, should have been running his 39th marathon this month in sunny Ibiza.


He’s been training hard all winter, but for obvious reasons the event, along with his holiday was cancelled. 


Not wanting to waste all those hours of training, Simon decided to run the marathon….along his 0.05 mile long front street while adhering to all the social distancing rules. 


Cheered on by his neighbours (from a safe distance), all his previous marathon costumes, including his World Record Breaking astronaut and lobster ensembles, made an appearance.


He wore an astronaut helmet, bunny ears, union jack flags, his Fylde Coast Runners top, his Lancaster race series top, and an Aston Villa football shirt at different mile markers and finished with a mile in his all time favourite – the lobster costume!


Marathon man goes the extra mile for NHS


He did it all to raise money for the amazing Bay Hospitals Charity, which is doing an outstanding job during very difficult times. Its aim is simple: improve the hospital environment; purchase the very latest in state-of-the-art equipment and provide extra care over and above that which can be currently provided by the NHS.


Simon said: I didn’t want to waste all that training, and I  also wanted to be able to do something to raise money for my local NHS Trust – as I know what an amazing job they are doing. Combining the two with a slightly off-the-wall virtual run seemed the perfect solution. 


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