Marketing in a crisis? You’ve got this

Looking at making changes to your business marketing in a global crisis – you’re not alone.


Everyone is managing the Coronavirus situation in their own way, with ‘what to do’ scenarios playing out across Zoom video calls with expanded marketing teams across the UK.


It is a challenging time and our business is adapting and reviewing processes on a daily basis – but we’re in it for the long haul and we know you are too. 


We won’t be focusing on the negatives in this blog, we are just sharing our current thoughts and learnings from our team and our clients.


Don’t stop!


Some of you will be weighing up short-term marketing campaigns to boost sales performance, or long-term goals to retain existing customers. Focus on building brand recognition – preserve your brand, and look out for new opportunities and ways to adapt.


Now is the time to be heard, but keep it authentic! We know that’s somewhat of a buzzword of late but stay true to your brand values, anything else will come across as fake and is likely to do more harm than good. 


People are seeing brands in a different light and customers will remember the brands doing good things now rather than the brands with a heavy sales focus.


If you’re working with reduced budgets it’s time to get creative – social media is a great, cost effective way to promote your brand. Keep conversations flowing with your existing customers and you may pick up a few new ones along the way. 


Review what content you have and your brand assets – do you have any user generated content you can repurpose, or case studies that can be given a new lease of life?




It’s what we all cry out for, more time to plan and analyse what’s working well and what’s not. 


Use this time to review previous campaigns, website traffic and undertake SEO audits – all of which could bring in fresh new ideas.


It’s also the time to really understand your customer groups, ensure you’re connecting with the right people and look at new groups that you can sell to in different ways during this crisis. 


Let’s not forget the planning you’ve already done. Don’t discount your existing marketing plans – they might need a few adaptations but they don’t need to go to waste. 


Looking Ahead 


In time this will pass, we’ll return to our normal lives of working, shopping and socialising. By being front-of-mind and keeping your brand visible, you’ll reap the benefits when the time comes. 


Some key things to remember – make yourself stand out, amplify your brand values, grasp opportunities, share and be present.


Look after yourself and your brand and together we will all get through this.