Now, more than ever, let’s Create Great!

A few weeks ago (although it seems like much longer) we launched our Create Great campaign at Prolific North’s Digital City Festival.


It’s been a strange few weeks since the show, our business, like many others, is now based from the homes of our fantastic teams, but we strongly believe more than ever it’s time to show creativity, personality and it’s a great opportunity to reconnect with your customers.


ICG’s Create Great campaign embodies the power of collaboration, working in partnership with brands to generate great results through great creativity and strategic thinking.


We’re not just saying it, we are living it (it’s literally in our own homes now) – and our ethos to Create Great is more important than ever. Not only great work but great service and responsiveness, with great pride and passion in all that we do. 


Perhaps you can use this time away from the office to reflect on how you’re going to Create Great?


In case you missed the festival, here’s a quick edit: