Powering Sunbelt Rentals’ internal comms for Safety Week

ICG played a central role in helping bring Sunbelt Rentals’ Safety Week to life through videos, animations and storytelling.


The internal communications campaign was unequivocal in its aims – to provide all employees with the opportunity to give their undivided attention to workplace safety.


Due to the size of the business, locations and variety of job types, the comms needed to be accessible to everyone whether they were working on site, at the depot or in the office.


A key part of the campaign was a series of videos. ICG worked closely with our film partners to create four pieces of content – including a feature film style production based on the poem, Don’t Walk By.


We worked on scripts and storyboarding as well being on site to deliver the films.


Check out the videos here:


Sunbelt Rentals – Don’t Walk By

Importance of PPE 

Staff Well being and Volunteering Opportunities 

A Welcome to Safety Week from CEO Andy Wright


We also researched, wrote and designed a 28-page magazine, delivered directly to all employees homes, created a managers briefing pack and provided regular content for the staff intranet.


Throughout the week, the videos were played 2,016 times, the magazine was distributed to over 2,500 households and safety conversations were had throughout all 165 depots.


ICG worked closely with the Sunbelt Rentals marketing and SHEQ (safety, health, environment and quality) teams to deliver Safety Week which was short-listed for an award earlier this year.


A staff survey showed that 72% of employees found all of the content distributed throughout the campaign useful.


We are thrilled to be supporting Sunbelt Rentals’ Safety Week once again this year with preparations already underway to tell some unique stories.


 Chris Nicholls, National Communications Manager at Sunbelt Rentals said


“The Safety Week internal marketing campaign was a huge success, with many employees commenting on how useful and thought provoking they found the multiple pieces of content.


“The use of online and offline materials was a big part in the positive outcome of this campaign and ICG worked hard to gather, create, design and manage all of the different outputs.


“In the time frame, we couldn’t have completed this project without the support and dedication of the team at ICG. They managed and delivered this project professionally, creatively and were a pleasure to partner with.”


Powering Sunbelt Rentals’ internal comms for Safety Week