Supporting clients during the coronavirus

ICG has been helping clients adapt to the ‘new normal’ during the coronavirus pandemic.

For companies employing key workers to organisations finding new ways to provide their products and services during lockdown, our teams have responded swiftly to urgent requests for help and support.

Our designers have been producing posters for telent, a leading technology company. The posters have been used to communicate with members of the public about telent’s work to support mission-critical networks and reinforce messages about social distancing.


A ‘Thank You NHS’ truck livery has gone live for client Huntapac Produce, which specialises in growing, packing and distributing root vegetables, brassicas and salads. It’s already taken part in the weekly ‘Clap for the NHS’ convoy in a village near to Huntapac’s base in West Lancashire.


Supporting clients during the coronavirus


In the education sector, we have been supporting Blackpool and The Fylde College, Language Schools International (LSI), League Football Education (LFE) and EPSL Educational Printing Services.


Read more about our work to support LSI’s online campus as well as learning and support materials for LFE.


We are currently helping the marketing team at Blackpool and The Fylde College implement social media advertising campaigns about further and higher education courses starting in September 2020.


Our social teams have provided vital support to run campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter with messaging around ‘Lockdown won’t last forever’ and ‘No need to put your future on lockdown’ as well as undertaking research to benchmark sentiment across the education sector.


For EPSL, we adapted its social media messaging to target parents ‘home schooling’ to generate sales on their ecommerce website.


In the business sector, ICG has supplied communications for clients across many different industries to reassure and advise their customers.


Communications about coronavirus for logistics and freight forwarding company, Warrant Group, started at the beginning of 2020 when the endemic first broke out in China while for client Freightlink, this infographic was created to support key workers in the supply chain sector with useful information about compliance as well as advice about how to stay safe. 


Supporting clients during the coronavirus


We have also been working closely with SBM, a management consultancy for real estate, which is advising business tenants and occupiers about their commercial leases at this difficult economic time.


For sister companies, Intonation and City Legal, we have updated their websites with information about remote interpreting via mobile and digital platforms.


In the retail sector, as clients’ marketing staff have been furloughed, we’ve taken over social media activity and digital marketing to help continue engagement with customers while shopping outlets are temporarily closed.


Meanwhile, across the board ICG’s digital teams have been updating websites with vital information to inform customers and clients about temporary closures and ‘business as usual’ operations while staff work from home.


This is just a snapshot of some of our work to support clients during the last few weeks of lockdown.


Supporting clients during the coronavirus