Supporting young people’s wellbeing in Warton

“It’s where young people can talk about things, a safe space.”

Ella-Grace Gregoire is Communications Manager and Wellbeing Director at the EGG Performing Arts and Wellbeing School in Warton.

Set up in 2019, it is a project by Streetwise Youth Community Centre to help young people manage communication barriers and mental health.

ICG is delighted to be supporting EGG for our fourth Give Back Friday.

Ella-Grace explained:

We welcome young people of different ages, from 11 to 17, providing mentoring and supporting mental health.

We teach skills around mindfulness and how young people can look after themselves.

Ella uses performing arts skills to help build confidence among young people including rejection therapy, understanding the subconscious and the Wonderwoman pose.

Find out more about EGG and Streetwise