Top 10 marketing trends for 2020

1. A little more conversation
The conversational and emotive tone of voice widely used on social media is big everywhere now. It often works better at triggering a natural, emotional response, leading to better engagement and conversions.

2. More ad spend on digital channels
Marketing managers are allocating more of their advertising budgets to digital channels including search engine adverts, paid social and even Amazon advertising.

3. Increase in voice search
Alexa – where can I find the cheapest Nike Air Force 1’s? – 50% of all searches in 2020 are expected to be voice.

4. More socially responsible
Whether it’s a commitment to recycling or getting the train instead of the plane, demonstrating that your brand or organisation really thinks about how it interacts with the wider world now counts.

5. Less polished video and imagery
When it comes to social media advertising actually not being perfect can be very effective too. Less use of pin-sharp 300dpi imagery from a top-end camera in favour of content produced on a smart phone to look more akin to user-generated content, allows it to blend into a Facebook feed, leading to better engagement and conversions.


6. Emerging channels such as Tik Tok
Adored by younger teenagers everywhere, Tik Tok is definitely one to watch – especially given that millennials and Gen Z (born late 1990s-2010) will influence one in four purchases in 2020!

7. E-Commerce becoming A-Commerce
Amazon offers an omni-channel experience that allows sellers to reach millions of shoppers. Brands are creating their own ‘store’ on Amazon with greater scope to incorporate their marketing collateral.

8. Increase in use of AI to collect and analyse data
AI has enabled marketers to replace educated guesswork with real-time customer data and insights, allowing more tailored content that resonates with customers on a personal level.


9. Simplification in branding
Many brands have simplified their logos to work harder in a digital landscape – from BT to Starbucks, Google and yahoo! These cleaner identities help convey brand values and engage with customers on a wide range of offline and online channels.

10. Bloggers and influencers
Don’t use these channels for a hard sell. Bloggers and influencers can be useful for reaching a wide audience across a specific range of interests or region, and also a niche audience. Do the research about the individual to get a good match and agree the terms. Creative control is an influencer’s number one consideration when working with brands!