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Business Buyers

Unlocking business sales potential

Business Buyers is an online platform to buy and sell small to medium sized businesses in the UK.


The equivalent of a Rightmove for businesses, Business Buyers turned to ICG for some creative inspiration, stand out and digital expertise.  The website needed to link with a CRM system for the seamless exchange of data as well as deliver pace, interest and a good user experience.

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ICG created a new brand to give Business Buyers a market leading edge and consolidate its service proposition and sub brands.


A bright and engaging colour palette was introduced to bring pace, interest and excitement to the service offering.


Illustrative graphics were introduced to help convey multiple themes and messages without the need for lengthy content or stock photography. It gives the brand a unique look and feel that the client could own.

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Business Buyers’ website needed to link with its CRM system to pull vital data which would populate the pages with details about businesses that were up for sale.


In a complex sync between the two platforms, our digital team scripted code to extract the data including business descriptions and photography as well as a seamless exchange of customer data back to the CRM.


The web build was complemented by a targeted on-going SEO campaign to meet the evolving requirements of the search engines algorithms and to create authority.

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