We're hiring! Designer, Account Manager and other roles. Click to view all vacancies.

We're hiring! Designer, Account Manager and other roles. Click to view all vacancies.


Top marks for growing online sales

EPSL designs, manufactures and distributes more than four million exercise books and educational resources to UK schools every year.


We started working with EPSL in 2015 to create a new identity, simplify its broad offering, build an industry leading e-commerce website and develop intelligent online and offline marketing strategies to maximise profits. 

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With ambitious growth plans, ICG produced a new brand narrative to drive online purchases and raise awareness of the company's extensive product range.


Working seamlessly across all channels and developing key customer insights, ICG produces content and collateral for email marketing, direct mail, PR and social including Facebook and Twitter advertising.

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Ecommerce Website


Whilst the education sector is traditionally an off-line purchaser of educational resources, ICG were briefed to develop a new e-commerce website that encouraged sales online.


ICG’s digital team built an industry leading ‘Build your Book’ tool, which makes ordering bespoke products simple, allowing upgrades such as personalisation, laminated covers and tinted pages.


The website was launched in 2016 and the percentage of online sales has seen continuous growth from 5.5 per cent in 2017 to 11.2 per cent in November 2019. EPSL continues to be one step ahead of the competition with over a million pounds worth of sales generated since the new e-commerce site was launched.

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Direct Mail


Traditional direct mail is still effective in the education sector and ICG works with EPSL to create and distribute key messages at crucial touchpoints in the academic year.


From getting set for the new term to budgets being renewed in April, our strategic communications calendar ensures EPSL is front of mind when it matters the most.

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Digital Marketing


EPSL’s digital marketing strategy is coordinated and delivered by ICG, from weekly e-shots to social media and PPC.


Working in partnership with EPSL’s marketing team we take a fluid view of trends and react to industry demand quickly to return maximum results

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