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We're hiring! Designer, Account Manager and other roles. Click to view all vacancies.


Supporting marketing needs from expos to packaging

Jangro is the largest network of independent janitorial distributors in the UK. It offers a premium national service on a local level from 46 distribution and sales sites across the UK.


ICG has become a true extension of Jangro’s marketing team as it continues to be an innovative force in the cleaning industry. Working on all aspects of the company's marketing collateral allows a seamless approach to multiple briefs and tight deadlines.

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Cleaning up the Brand


ICG refreshed Jangro's brand identity and implemented a new labelling system throughout its full range of over 4000 products which were divided into four key areas: professional, contract, enviro and premium. The brand look was then applied throughout all customer touch points, from catalogues and data cards to vehicle livery and merchandise.

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Exhibition Material


The Cleaning Show is an annual major event where companies can market, sell and promote their products and services to an international cleaning audience. Each year ICG works closely with Jangro to design and produce creative collateral that communicates the quality of its products and services.


With sustainability high on the national and international agenda we worked with Jangro to create a space that would inspire, attract attention and deliver key environmental messages.


Greenery brought the outdoors inside and all literature followed the same theme. From packaging to brochures and animated digital information, everything came together to ensure the stand was a real conversation starter.

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Digital Innovation


With a network of more than 40 members, Jangro’s offering is unrivalled in the UK. In recent years we have worked with the company to create a range of added value services including an award-winning digital wall chart creator.


The online system is the first of its kind in the industry and was built by our digital team to incorporate data about thousands of products and information on where they should be used. Users select areas of a room and are presented with a list of suitable cleaning solutions which they can select to create a personalised, bespoke wall chart.


The system was applauded within the sector and won the Cleaning Show Innovations Award for Management Solutions in 2019.

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We take Jangro’s key messages and deliver them to the correct audiences in the most suitable formats time after time.


From communicating product benefits to end customers to keeping members informed about new services, we plan and execute campaigns throughout the year.


The partnership approach, coupled with our deep understanding of Jangro’s industry, means the relationship continues to go from strength to strength.

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