A brand to help drive change

There was no reading between the lines when Warrant came to us with their marketing brief. 


Their mission was unambiguous: to drive change in freight forwarding and they needed a new brand that reflected this unapologetic ambition.


In an industry dominated by stock photography of cargo ships and freight transport as well as the colour, blue, the new brand had to be different.


It also had to be truly authentic – reflect exactly who the team was and what they were about.



We took inspiration from Warrant’s longstanding ‘can do’ company ethos to create ‘Warrant can’ and brought this to life through movement.


At its most basic level freight forwarding is all about movement, the movement of goods, ‘to move any product around the world’.


Thanks to some collaborative creativity and our team of developers, we created animations for each section of the website.


We used CSS code to create the animations to ensure the visuals were impressive with fast load times that did not slow the website down.


It was also an opportunity to use strong colours which was one of the client’s must-haves.


The bright colours and shapes were contrasted with black and white reportage style photography to reflect the team’s personalities and real, human face.


The  rebrand was part of a bigger project by Warrant to become a Employee Owned Trust; the new company structure and new brand were launched simultaneously on February 1st 2023 with press coverage secured by ICG across the trade and regional press.


Andy Simpson, Managing Director of Warrant, worked closely with ICG to bring his vision to life. 


“Team ICG are simply an extension of Warrant because they just naturally understand us. I find it hard to describe in words how good this agency is and just how wonderful their entire team are.


“I am extremely proud of the new brand, we’ve had a great response to it.” 

A brand to help drive change