Our sustainability journey

ICG is committed to helping reduce our impact on the environment. From supporting our clients to make sustainable choices to looking after our people and the communities around us, our commitment forms part of ICG’s company mission statement and values.

As part of our own journey, we are working together as a team to change our everyday routines, habits and mindsets.

This includes small steps to recycle and responsibly dispose of waste to assessing our digital carbon footprint and consider how we travel, work and play.

Supply chain and client sustainability choices

Sustainability has become increasingly important to many of our clients and we can take the learnings from across a range of sectors to provide best advice and support. We actively provide practical solutions to help clients demonstrate their sustainability choices.

We can offer clients Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) print options, vegan inks, eco PVC-free vinyl, recycled or unbleached paper. We can provide sustainable alternatives to requests for merchandise and offer carbon off-setting options. We also support clients to assess their digital carbon footprint.

We can advise on delivering websites that require less energy consumption as well as selecting data centres that offer sustainable energy options.

Our office culture and resources

As part of our sustainability journey, we are taking measures to recycle, reuse and reduce consumption.


Office and kitchen waste is recycled on a regular basis – including composting coffee grinds, fruit skins and tea bags as well as providing vegan friendly alternatives and avoiding single-use plastics.


We reduce waste by providing re-usable water bottles for all, refillable products, and reuse waste paper. We find a second life for old computers with tasks that require less intensive usage.


We operate two hybrid company company cars and provide an EV charging point. Travel to meetings and events is optimised with car share and train journeys.

Social Impact

ICG is committed to giving back to the world around us.

As a business and as individuals, we regularly fundraise through bake sales and raffles as part of our ethos to work hard and have fun along the way.

The fundraising highlight of the year is our Give Back Fridays throughout December. We support local and regional charities, and most importantly enjoy hearing the stories of the individuals and communities involved.

We also take part in beach cleans, support our clients’ charity endeavours and often provide expertise and services for free or on a discounted rate in support of clients working in the charity sector.

Staff wellbeing and inclusivity

ICG thrives on a diverse and interesting mix of people and personalities. Together we make a great team. We create a safe space for everyone to bring different perspectives, experiences, ideas and approaches to the table.

We provide a supportive learning and research environment in line with the needs of the business and support people through life stages and personal challenges.

ICG has a dedicated Mental Health: Workplace Responder and held its very first Wellbeing Week in 2023.

Our people are our greatest asset. Find out more about our staff benefits on our careers page.