Blossoming partnership with Alben Landscapes delivers real results

Blossoming partnership with Alben Landscapes delivers real results

Posted on 04 Oct 2023

Alben Landscapes came to ICG with a clear set of objectives - to grow the business and create an image that reflected its success.


Our journey began by delving deep into the core values of the company, understanding its essence, and aligning with the team’s vision for the future. 


The outcome was a vibrant and captivating brand identity that clearly reflected Alben's extensive range of services.



ICG created a website showcasing Alben’s capabilities and extensive experience in serving clients in the commercial, educational and public sectors across the North West and beyond.


To generate traffic to the new website, we developed a dynamic content strategy covering team updates, contract wins, industry insights and project updates. 


We also arranged a series of photoshoots to ensure we had the eye-catching images.


ICG’s digital marketing team implemented a highly successful PPC strategy that has already led to new contracts from schools, colleges, academies, commercial enterprises, house builders and housing associations. 


We also breathed new life into brochures, tender documents and case studies reflecting the professionalism and expansive reach of Alben's operation,  providing valuable insights into the company’s customer relationships.


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