Bringing case studies to life

ICG’s PR team recently took some time out of the office to get out on location with client Brysdales.

The PR team were on hand to help the storage solutions company complete the first of a series of client case studies to promote how they work with, and design specific solutions for a wide variety of industries.

Before ICG could head out on location, they collaborated with a member of Brysdales’ sales team and the Continuous Improvement Manager from its client, Senator Engineering. The first job was to compile the content for a written case study and then create a storyboard for a video version that would be featured on Brysdales’ website.

The team commissioned a photographer and videographer to bring to life the scope and size of the storage solution at Senator Engineering’s facility in Blackburn, art directing them on the most appropriate angles and shots as well as arranging camera interviews.

ICG ensured both the written and video version of the case study demonstrated how Brysdales had created a sound storage solution for efficient output of goods in Senator Engineering’s factory.