Merry Christmas Dinoboy

The boy who loves dinosaurs 


Say hello to six-year-old Dinoboy from Freckleton.


We were delighted to drop by and say hello to Dinoboy, also known as Alfie, and his mum, Elle after we heard about some of the fantastic work they have been up to this Christmas.


Alfie and his family have collected and donated 90 gift hampers to local care homes and they’ve sent more than 100 cards to people in the UK including a card to a lady in America.


Their good works have been featured on local and national radio and we decided that the Freckleton Primary School youngster and his family deserved some treats of their own. 


Merry Christmas Dinoboy


Earlier this year, Alfie suddenly lost his dad and his mum is currently undergoing medical treatment. Sister Saffron helps look after them both.


So, to mark the last of our festive Give Back Fridays, we delivered some dinosaur toys and membership passes to Blackpool Zoo where Alfie and Saffron can enjoy the Dinosaur Safari as well as make friends with all the animals.


We received a lovely Christmas card thanking everyone at ICG, with a special message from Alfie, ‘if people can hate for no reason, then I can love’. 


Read more about Alfie and his family on their Facebook blog


Picture: Alfie and Elle Wilson