Peter’s ‘lap of honour’ begins

In the spirit of celebration, we are pleased to announce that 2021 marks the retirement year of our Joint Managing Director & Commercial Director, Peter Cobley.


In 12 months’ time Peter will be starting a new life in Thailand but we couldn’t let him go without asking him to share what he’s learnt from more than 40 years in business.


In normal times, we’d do all this face to face over a cup of coffee and a chinwag but as that’s not possible right now, we are going virtual instead.


During the coming months, we will be sending out a series of newsletters called Peter’s ‘lap of honour’ with some of his stories, anecdotes and insights.


Peter’s ‘lap of honour’ begins


We will also be uploading them to our website…the first story is all about how he once owned a lake in the Lake District!


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