SEO basics: Quality content

Google is constantly evolving to become more intelligent in the way that it views the content on your website. In fact, it has become so advanced, that it is starting to read your content like any other user would.

Content that is written purely to boost a certain keyword may have worked a few years ago but it certainly won’t now. Yes, quality is important, but are you doing everything you can to ensure your readers are actually finding and engaging with your content? Ensuring your website is properly SEO optimised before you write and upload any copy is crucially important.

Google ‘penalties’
Have you noticed a sudden drop in traffic to your website? One of the reasons for this is your website may have received a Google ‘penalty’, which can be either manual or algorithmic.

A manual penalty occurs when someone from Google has received and analysed your website and decided that it has breached one or more of its guidelines.

Alternatively your site may trip a ‘filter’ or ‘safeguard’ built into Google that could give you an algorithmic ‘penalty’.

These can be assigned to single pages or your entire website but either way you could see a significant drop in traffic or search position.

Research, research, research
Have you found out if your content matches what users search for? Get ahead of the game and ensure your content matches popular keywords searched to ensure you are seen in all the right places!

For example, ‘charging lockers’ has more searches per month than ‘in-charge lockers’, so it would make sense to match your titles and content to the most popular phrase rather than the correct terminology.

Be engaging
Although website content needs to be informative it’s important that you are able to grab users’ attention with engaging and unique copy.

Unique content will give you better search results while ensuring you’re not penalised. It also shows users and Google that you know what you’re talking about. Well written content can dramatically increase your chances of first page Google rankings.

This is a mere overview of the facts about creating and benefitting from quality content. If you have any questions or want to discuss this topic further then please drop our SEO Specialist, Steph, an email or call 01772 679 383.