We ‘picked’ a great day for it!

ICG joined local volunteers and Coastal Conservationist and Marine Medic, Tracey Hope for the daily beach clean on the Fylde coast at St Annes.


Every night from 7pm, Tracey and a group of dedicated volunteers head out across the sands armed with bin bags and litter pickers to collect rubbish that has been left behind to prevent catastrophic damage to local wildlife and marine life.


And, it was a beautiful evening for it!


The sun was shining and a gentle coastal breeze helped to cool us off as we climbed the sand dunes to clear rubbish left behind by the day’s sunseekers. 


The most commonly collected items included crisp packets, pop cans, cigarette ends, tissues and baby wipes as well as beach sports sets and sunglasses. Our team of volunteers worked tirelessly to pick up as much rubbish as possible to stop it from becoming deeply embedded in the sand and disturbing natural habitats or being washed out to sea. With fellow volunteers, we collected about 20 bags of rubbish!


In 2021 ICG worked with Fylde Council to create the “Take It, Don’t Leave It” campaign to encourage beach goers across the Fylde Coast to take their litter home with them. 


This year, we’ve continued to support the local council – promoting all of the beauty that the Fylde Coast has to offer with our recent “Step into Fabulous Fylde” campaign and to continue to support the “Take It, Don’t Leave It” campaign. 

To find out more about everything the Fylde Coast has to offer, visit their Facebook page.