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We're hiring! Designer, Account Manager and other roles. Click to view all vacancies.

LSI - Language Studies International

Language Studies International - Educating schools in lead generation

Language Studies International (LSI) is a network of language schools across the globe.


In an increasingly competitive market, LSI needed to refresh its branding and narrative to raise awareness about its impressive reach, capabilities and expertise. As a sister company of ICG,  we helped them create a new brand narrative that could work effectively across 16 schools in seven different countries.

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Our creative team updated the logo and introduced a new brand to make it bolder and more colourful with a new illustrative style.


We changed the typeface to a freely available Google font so it could be consistently used around the world. We also specified a font that could work across multiple languages - making it clearly recognisable whether the wording was in Chinese or Arabic.


The new design was created to appeal to a diverse audience from juniors to mature students as well as other audiences such as the corporate market.

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Prospectus / Multiple Languages


ICG’s creative team worked with LSI to produce a 78-page prospectus in 13 different languages.


We created a flexible template that would work equally well in different languages irrespective of varying word lengths alongside an additional 20-page pricing brochure.


We sourced the print for the English version and once the translation processes were complete, we provided completed artwork for prospectuses to be printed locally in each country.

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LSI has a large website with pages in multiple languages.


Work is currently underway to build a new website in the new brand style with clear navigation for additional services including e-learning and the LSI College.


Alongside a new digital presence, the fresh brand style is being applied to school interiors to provide a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for students.

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Digital Marketing


ICG implemented a Facebook paid ads strategy for LSI to promote language course enrolments internationally.


Targeted ad campaigns have been continuously split tested and optimised month on month to understand user behaviours and identify the best performing ads per country.

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