Braintree Village

Positioning outlet to affluent shoppers

Braintree Village is a premium shopping outlet in Essex owned by Landsec, one of the largest commercial property development and investment companies in the UK.

The outlet invested in a customer journey project that included a name change and a new brand.

To attract new audiences and new brand partners, ICG was tasked with delivering the brand roll out across key customer touch points.

Brand implementation

We commissioned and art-directed a video shoot in Essex to capture content for a TV ad for the launch of the new look.

It was important that the ad resonated with a fashion conscious audience in Essex.

ICG’s creative team storyboarded the TV commercial and we worked alongside our production partner to ensure the finished commercial was approved by Clearcast and delivered to stations on time.

We also worked with the client’s media agency to deliver the campaign across out-of-home platforms including 48-sheets, digital six-sheets and bus sides in key drive time areas. Press ads were delivered to local and regional publications and radio ads were scripted and recorded.

Keeping visitors informed

Effective communication with shoppers and visitors is crucial to ensure they have a pleasant and informed experience.

The execution of the brand roll out included the production of on-site signage, posters, site guides and void unit hoardings providing practical and promotional information.

Bold colors, striking images, and concise headlines that change seasonally in line with the retail and promotional calendar, were created with details such as dates, times, locations.

Digital Marketing

We maximised organic and paid social media to support the brand launch and key dates.

Using video footage and animated brand assets, we delivered engaging content to generate footfall to the outlet and visits to the website.

Promoting the whole scheme and working directly with individual brand partners, we highlighted special events including Black Friday, VIP Weekend, flash sales, promotions and events.

Events and promotions were also communicated via a weekly customer enewsletter and the creative was curated to ensure the website was consistent and on-brand.

“The centre had their busiest day EVER on Black Friday Saturday with a record sales week.”

Marketing Manager, Braintree Village