Language Studies International

Educating schools in lead generation

Language Studies International (LSI) is a network of language schools across the globe.

As a sister company of ICG, we have been helping LSI promote its services for many years.

With 14 schools located in cities across seven countries, more than 58 years of experience and students from 127 different nationalities, LSI has well established credentials in the education sector.

Supporting a global brand

LSI operates in a highly competitive market with a large marketing requirement.

Alongside its core offering, it also offers services such as homestays with tutors under the brand Home Language International.

LSI’s portfolio also includes LSI Independent College and Avenue House School which are both located in London.

LSI has multiple target markets and a wide variety of audiences from juniors and students to adult learners, university pathways as well as language learning for business.

ICG supports LSI’s international in-house marketing team located around the world to work on projects and campaigns to help raise awareness and drive leads.

Multi-lingual marketing material

We work collaboratively on projects to produce LSI’s main prospectus as well as brochures, presentations and exhibition assets.

We also produce marketing toolkits for a network of agents located around the world.

With a global audience, LSI’s marketing materials need to be in multiple languages. Our design team creates designs that allow for additional text length and accommodate a number of linguistic features and writing systems.

As a key sales and lead generation platform, we also support the LSI website which features detailed content regarding the various courses and study locations.

PPC campaigns

LSI use Google Ads to drive website traffic, increase brand awareness and generate leads for their language programmes.

They run campaigns targeting international students interested in learning languages abroad, students seeking immersion programmes and admission campaigns for their sixth form college in London.

We implement 90-day PPC strategies and benchmark performance against quarterly and annual targets.

With fierce competition for admissions, the need for local and global targeting options, and the seasonality of education campaigns such as around GCSE and A Level results, PPC is a key marketing channel for LSI.