Scoring a winner with a rebrand

Dennis Bergkamp’s words ‘Behind every kick of the ball, there has to be a thought’ captures a tantalisingly brief moment in a game.


Behind every rebrand – there has to be a thought too, in fact lots of them. For League Football Education (LFE), it was all about refreshing its brand identity to make it digital first and accessible to young footballers 


LFE delivers the Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence programme to all English Football League clubs and ICG has been working with their marketing team for more than 10 years.


Like many brand identities, the logo and branding needed to evolve to work more effectively on digital platforms. Many big brands have taken a similar approach.


Scoring a winner with a rebrand


We simplified LFE’s existing logo and made it responsive so it was scalable and could adapt to any digital platform – this included abbreviating the name to LFE. 


Updated graphics and new icons were introduced following research on accessibility and readability while new vibrant RGB colour pathways were introduced to segment information.


The new branding was rolled out across offline and online collateral including a new website. Read our case study to find out more.


Our creative teams are now working with LFE to help keep young footballers motivated during lockdown. We have created assets to support communications about the coronavirus including a life skills sheet full of ideas about how to keep motivated and how to support positive mental health.



Scoring a winner with a rebrand