Scoring a winner with a rebrand

League Football Education (LFE) is a charity that delivers the Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence programme to all English Football League clubs.

We were tasked with updating the branding which ICG had created 15 years earlier. The objective was to make it digital first and accessible to encourage apprentices to engage with their studies as well as their football.

Simple, scaleable and segmented

Firstly, we carried out an in-depth brand audit to identify how apprentices were digesting information.

We simplified the existing logo, and created responsive and scalable versions, so it can adapt to any digital platform. Updated graphics and new icons were also introduced.

Following research on accessibility and readability, typography was updated to utilise Google fonts, font sizes increased and we amended templates to a single column layout, as research identified content being predominantly scrolled on ipads and mobiles. New vibrant RGB colour pathways segmented information, and engages with the young audience.

Improving the online user journey

ICG’s creative and digital team worked together to develop the new website, the hub for apprentices to access latest news, league results and match reports and video content such as goal of the month. This regular content ensures the site is visited regularly and allows for two-way interaction via polls and forums.

We improved the user journey to make it easier for people to find content with a simplified top navigation and menu system. Students can now find all guidance surrounding their apprenticeship online, reducing the amount of resources that require printing.

Supporting campaigns and programmes

LFE runs a number of programmes as part of its commitment to supporting young footballers.

We created engaging video content around equality, diversity and inclusion to support League Football Education’s (LFE) partnership with Kick It Out, The EFL and The PFA.

The new branding was applied to marketing materials for Erasmus, a programme of European trips for players and coaches, as well as LFE’s Community Trust Study Programme.

We also created a bank of assets to support communications about coronavirus including information on life skills, motivation and how to support positive mental health during lockdown.

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