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We're hiring! Designer, Account Manager and other roles. Click to view all vacancies.

League Football Education

Scoring a winner with rebranding

League Football Education (LFE) is a charity that delivers the Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence programme to all English Football League clubs.


ICG was tasked with updating LFE’s branding which our creative team had designed more than 10 years ago. The objective was to make it digital first and accessible for all to support the charity’s goals to encourage apprentice footballers to engage with their studies as well as their football. 

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New Brand


Before the creative work could begin, we carried out an in-depth brand audit to identify how apprentices were digesting information - all visuals and messaging needed to work effectively on digital platforms to be viewed via phones and ipads.


We simplified the existing logo and made it responsive so it was scalable and could adapt to any platform - this included abbreviating the name to LFE and placing it on an upward trajectory.


Updated graphics and new icons were introduced following research on accessibility and readability while new vibrant RGB colour pathways segmented information.

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ICG’s creative and digital team worked together to develop a new website. We devised a new site map and easier user journey. The main navigation bar was streamlined to make it easier for people to access content, videos and downloads.


The vibrant mix of bold colours, dynamic cut out stills and graphical devices was used to get traction and engagement with a young audience.

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LFE Image #12



LFE runs a number of additional programmes as part of its commitment to engaging with young footballers.


The new branding was applied to marketing materials for Erasmus - a programme of European trips for players and coaches - including digital downloads and trip itinerary material.


LFE’s Community Trust Study Programme was also brought on brand with a raft of digital brochures.

LFE Image #14
LFE Image #15



LFE’s popular magazine engages with young footballers from across the English Football League with real life stories of apprentices.


ICG’s creative team manages the layout and project management of the 44-page newsletter including typesetting all content and actioning last minute additions.


In print and digital formats, we ensure the magazine has the same fast paced style and performance as the beautiful game itself.

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