Scottish Racing Association

Getting off to a racing start

The Scottish Racing Academy (SRA) was formed in 2019 to help people learn the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in horse racing.

Based in Scotland and the north of England, the SRA provides training and education opportunities to young people from all backgrounds – not just those already within the horse racing community.

The SRA is a collaboration between Scottish Racing, Scottish and British horseracing partners and educational institutions to overcome the challenges in recruiting and retaining high quality, skilled racing staff.

ICG has been working with the charity to help communicate its vision and values to support engagement with schools, colleges and communities as well as key stakeholders and organisations.

A thoroughbred brand

Our design team worked closely with the Scottish Racing Foundation to create a new brand.

We developed a logo that is instantly synonymous with horses.

Combined with graphical devices and strong photography, the design creates pace and interest while conveying a wide range of information.

The new brand has been deployed across a range of communication materials including stationery, pull-up banners and social media assets.

We have worked with ICG since the inception of our organisation on all elements of brand development and website building.

During this time, the team have been exceptional at realising the vision, which is quite a task when starting from scratch, demonstrating their commitment to their clients.

Chief Executive, Scottish Racing Association

On the gallops

ICG created a website packed with information about courses, qualifications, careers and training providers.

Our digital team used a WordPress framework with CMS capabilities to give the client maximum flexibility to update the content.

ICG’s PR team provided full copy writing support and project management to support the team at the SRA.

Graphical icons are used to navigate people through practical details as well as providing information on careers and job roles.

We also created a print and digital prospectus to promote Scotland’s first horse racing specific training opportunities.

Resonating with target audiences

ICG is extremely proud to have played a part in the success of the Scottish Racing Foundation.

The SRA has gone from strength to strength since its inaugural year during the global pandemic.

Engaging with people outside the horse racing community to demonstrate the wide range of opportunities available and inspiring people to take the next step is helping create the next generation of expertise in the horse racing sector.

Students continue to respond well to the SRA’s unique proposition, its messaging and its commitment to helping people learn and develop at every level.