SpringLoaded - ICG’s series of business insights

SpringLoaded - ICG’s series of business insights

Posted on 15 Apr 2021

During the past few months we've been developing our unique SpringLoaded campaign and are pleased to announce our series of free insights, presentations and downloadable guides are now live!


The campaign evolved following responses from clients and colleagues to our SpringLoaded survey that was sent out earlier this year.


It contains bespoke insights developed based on the topics that mattered to business owners and marketers.



Simon Couchman, ICG's Creative Director and Joint Managing Director, said: "We really wanted to understand what the main challenges organisations are currently facing - SpringLoaded was created as a way to help businesses bounce back better in 2021.


"Whilst some sectors have been harder hit than others, we have seen businesses flourish during the pandemic, using lockdown to review and implement change.


"The content we've created covers all areas of marketing, using ICG's staff skills and personalities to bring it to life. We hope everyone can take away something useful from this series."


Visit our dedicated SpringLoaded page to digest all the content. You can also share your feedback with us, email Simon Couchman.

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