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We're hiring! Designer, Account Manager and other roles. Click to view all vacancies.

Blackpool and The Fylde College

Encouraging enrolments on results day

Blackpool and The Fylde College is a provider of further and higher education.


ICG was tasked with supporting the college’s school leaver recruitment campaign - engaging with teenagers and their parents to encourage enrolments around the crucial time of GCSE results day. 


We created a narrative that would work effectively across multiple channels and also be a focal point for excitement on campus when students arrived to enrol on their courses.

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Creative and Strategy


ICG’s creative and PR teams worked together to get a campaign look that would really resonate with teenagers and their parents.


We created a series of digital first designs that focused on Blackpool and The Fylde College’s unique selling points and created campaign messaging that was targeted for specific times - before, during and after GCSE results day.


We then launched a strategic marketing campaign including OOH digital six sheets, digital and print football stadium advertising, a digital ad van and digital marketing.

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Event Materials


There’s nothing like the buzz of GCSE results day. Our campaign strategy included organising event materials and activities for enrolment day on campus.


From drinks mats and bespoke T-shirt printing to selfie frames and a local radio promotion, ICG made sure there were lots of things for students to get excited about and tweet and share.


There was even a giant deck chair to sit back - well, we were in Blackpool after all!

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Digital Marketing


Digital marketing played a huge role in the school leaver recruitment campaign.


With digital first creative, we implemented a strategy that was targeted and focused on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the Google network.


We covered a range of audiences types, geographical locations and time frames including adverts on Spotify and a Snapchat geo filter.

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Continuing the Relationship


The success of the school leaver campaign saw ICG’s digital team continue to support the college in other student enrolment campaigns.


We work closely with the client's marketing team to attract enquiries for further education courses starting in January and the following academic year.


Generic messaging was complemented by specific campaigns such as computing, engineering and business studies to drive enrolments.

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