Accelerating digital presence

Gexcon is a world leading company in the field of safety and risk management.

ICG has been successfully supporting the company’s digital marketing with a clear brief to expand its footprint in key markets, grow the user base and help react to emerging industry trends.

A new, multi-national website was created that features comprehensive technical information on everything from the ignition and explosion properties of dust to Gexcon’s computational fluid dynamics software.

Working with Gexcon’s teams in the UK, Europe and US, the website continues to evolve in response to new services and product updates whilst supporting Gexcon’s community of engineers, software users, academics and stakeholders.

Delivering a clear and striking brand narrative

ICG worked closely with Gexcon’s product managers to create a brand identity for Gexcon’s suite of software products.

The collective ‘X-Suite’ brand provides an ‘app style’ narrative around Gexcon’s software products. It can easily be conveyed by product managers in presentations, webinars and meetings.

A detailed communications audit resulted in refreshed brand templates, bringing Gexcon’s capabilities to life. Clear signposting, bold imagery and precise typography directed potential users to the product most relevant to their needs.

Creating a sense of community

Linkedin has become a key marketing channel for Gexcon and ICG drives strong engagement across multiple territories on the platform.

We distill complex technical information into striking messaging using graphics, illustrations and animations for both organic and paid-for posts to create stand out and demonstrate industry authority.

Campaigns also focus on creating a sense of community among customers and we react quickly to events of international significance to demonstrate expertise in the field. Content is scheduled to meet recipient’s time zones and the results are analysed to compare performance, identify successful tactics and demonstrate return on investment.

“Connecting with Gexcon’s global teams through virtual meetings helped us develop a deep understanding of how to provide the most effective marketing support to achieve the client’s objectives.”

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