Getting off to a racing start

The Scottish Racing Academy (SRA) was recently formed to help people learn the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in horse racing.

Based in Scotland and the north of England, the SRA provides training and education opportunities to young people from all walks of life - not just those already within the horse racing community.

ICG was commissioned to deliver a brand that will help the organisation deliver on its vision and values, engaging with schools, colleges and communities as well as key stakeholders, leading figures and organisations.

A thoroughbred brand

Our design team worked closely with the SRA to create an iconic ‘digital first’ logo. Graphical devices made use of strong photography to help create pace and interest while conveying a wide range of information.

The bold brand design is instantly synonymous with horses and has been rolled out across a range of communication materials.

We clearly conveyed the range of courses, creating icons to navigate people through practical details as well as providing information on careers and job roles - supporting the SRA’s aim to be ambitious, innovative and provide a joined-up model of education and training provision.

Taking it online

ICG created a digital ‘prospectus’ to promote Scotland’s first horse racing specific training opportunities, with the content growing as more courses became available.

Resonating with target audiences

ICG is extremely proud to have played a part in the success of the SRA. Its inaugural year was positively received despite taking place during the pandemic.

Applications performed well with students responding well to the SRA’s unique proposition, its messaging and its commitment to helping people with a love of racing to get into the industry and learn at every level.

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