Working with global teams to promote safety and risk management

Gexcon is a world leading company in the field of safety and risk management.

It was founded in 1987 as a consulting brand of Christian Michelsen Institute in Norway and later established as a company providing advanced safety engineering software, consulting and fire and explosion testing services.

We first began supporting the UK office to help raise brand awareness across events, trade media and membership organisations.

Since then we have built strong relationships with Gexcon’s teams located across the globe.

Delivering a clear and striking brand narrative

ICG worked closely with Gexcon’s product managers to create a brand identity for Gexcon’s suite of software products.

The collective ‘X-Suite’ brand provides an ‘app style’ narrative that can easily be communicated in presentations, webinars and online.

Clear signposting, bold imagery and precise typography directs potential users to the product most relevant to their needs.

We also work with the team to promote Gexcon’s flagship product, FLACS-CFD, reacting quickly to promote software updates and webinar events.

Our design team has provided marketing support for a wide range of events including FLUG Week, FutureBuild and the Loss Prevention Symposium.

“Connecting with Gexcon’s global teams through virtual meetings helped us develop a deep understanding of how to provide the most effective marketing support to achieve the client’s objectives.”
Manager, Gexcon

Multi-national website

We delivered a new multi-national website for Gexcon in 2020.

It features comprehensive technical information on Gexcon’s wide range of services, products and expertise with seamless integration with the CRM system.

Working with Gexcon’s teams in the UK, Europe and US, the website continues to evolve in response to new services and product updates whilst supporting Gexcon’s community of engineers, software users, academics and stakeholders.

A Changing World

ICG is a pro-active marketing partner for the team at Gexcon as it continues to grow and meet the needs of changing markets around hydrogen, battery storage and nuclear.

We have delivered materials for events such as Hazards and supported content requirements in publications such as The Catalyst for JOIFF, The International Organisation for Industrial Emergency Services Management.

We produced a number of articles to mark the 30th anniversary of the Piper Alpha oil platform disaster in the North Sea.

Linkedin has become a key marketing channel for Gexcon and ICG drives strong engagement across multiple territories.

Campaigns focus on creating a sense of community among customers and we react quickly to events of international significance to demonstrate expertise in the field.

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