A year in the life of a Digital Marketing apprentice

A year in the life of a Digital Marketing apprentice

Posted on 07 Nov 2022

Hi, I’m Lucy, ICG’s first Digital Marketing Apprentice, and I’m celebrating one year at the agency today.


Here is the rundown of my year…


Let’s take it back to 12 months ago. I stepped foot into the barn (ICG is located in a converted barn) with zero experience but an ambition to learn and grow as a Digital Marketer. 


I was made to feel welcome from day one, and helped along the way as I developed my knowledge and experience. 


Over the past year, there have been many highs, from doubling followers on LinkedIn for a client working in construction to creating content on-site for retail and leisure destination, Rochdale Riverside.


The opportunity to meet clients has given me a wider perspective on agency life. I have worked with multiple clients and gained knowledge of different industries.  


I am very proud of the organic digital content that I have produced.


I don’t just work with the Digital Marketing team day-to-day. I work with departments across the business to help support and learn from them. 


I work alongside the Marketing team to discuss clients' briefs, ideas and support content creation. 


I work with the design team to source assets, and I have also been learning a lot from ICG’s digital team to support the coding element of the apprenticeship - it has been very helpful to benefit from their expert knowledge. 


When asked what my favourite part of the apprenticeship is, it is hard to narrow it down. 


I love the team I work with; the help and support they have given me over the past year has taught me so much about digital marketing and given me the confidence to be sure of my own work. I have also enjoyed seeing my work perform well and receiving positive feedback from colleagues and clients. 


My favourite client is Hamilton, which is a cladding company. If you had asked me a year ago what I thought my favourite client would be, I would have never picked a business in construction!


It’s not all fun and games as an apprentice, there is also coursework to do!


I use the ‘work from home days’ on a Monday and Friday to complete my coursework. It has allowed me to get the most out of ‘office days’ and learn from the wider team. 


As well as coursework, I have also had three weeks of intense online learning. After each week, I took an online exam.


Finally,  if someone was to ask me whether they should take an apprenticeship - I would 100% say yes!

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