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Behind the scenes with Twelve

Behind the scenes with Twelve

Posted on 13 Aug 2010

ICG PR spent a day (and night) really getting to know client Twelve Restaurant and Lounge Bar by rolling up our sleeves and getting involved.We are always keen to get to the heart of a client’s business and one of the best ways to do this is by actually working with them to get an insider’s view of everything they do.First stop was a wedding at the Great Hall at Mains, where we got an insight into the ins and outs of catering for 140 guests at a wedding breakfast and evening BBQ.From delivery and preparation of food to team talks and organising the order in which tables were served, we got a real feel for how much hard work goes on in the background at such grand events.In the evening we went behind the scenes at Twelve’s award winning restaurant to see how the kitchen and service staff work together to make sure every customer has an experience to remember.We even tried our hand at washing up and food service, which was great fun!It was very useful to see every detail of what the team at Twelve has to do to ensure the smooth running of both the restaurant and a pre-booked function on the same day.Their passion and dedication to customer service was evident in everything they did and our day behind the scenes gave us a real insight into ethos of the entire team.We are working with Caroline and Paul at Twelve on lots of exciting projects at the moment and are looking forward to achieving great results.

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