Branding for growth

Branding for growth

Posted on 20 Sep 2013

The countdown is officially on for the BIBAs, Lancashire's leading business awards, and during the build up to the event, organisers hosted a five-day programme called 'Be Inspired Growth Week,' designed to boost business in Lancashire.

As ICG is up for not one, but two BIBA awards the event organisers approached ICG's design team to see if it would deliver a workshop on how branding can help businesses grow.

Armed with design boards, leaflets, handouts and ICG's infamous branded rock, the team set up shop at the Preston North End (PNE) football stadium and delivered two one-hour presentations.

Simon Couchman, ICG's creative director, talked about how branding is so much more than a logo and encouraged delegates to think of their brand as a symbolic representation of their company, from the way a service is delivered to the way a phone is answered.

The team also discussed the importance of auditing and evaluating brands and advised on ways to improve them.

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