Get the festive look

Get the festive look

Posted on 09 Nov 2011

Christmas may still be a few weeks away but here at ICG we're already in a fashion winter wonderland thanks to retail client Realm.

Our design teams have been busy working on Christmas promotional campaigns for Realm's shopping outlets producing marketing collateral for outdoor advertising, point of sale, press advertising and shopping outlet guides.

Since we started working with Realm earlier this year, we have created individual design styles for six of its shopping outlets from illustration based profiles for Freeport Talke and Freeport Fleetwood to chic photography and clever straplines for Junction 32 and Lakeside Village.

Now with Christmas shopping about to begin in earnest, we've added lots of festive sparkle and seasonal good cheer to each design to appeal to local shoppers.

Christmas leaflets are packed with information on gifts, winter essentials, party wear and stocking fillers and there's also lots of information about late night shopping times, gift cards and links to Twitter and Facebook.

Look out for ICG's work in action if you're Christmas shopping at...Freeport Fleetwood in Lancashire, Freeport Braintree in Essex, Freeport Talke in Stoke-on-Trent; Lakeside Village in Doncaster, Clarks Village in Somerset and Junction 32 near Leeds.

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