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ICG is creative and digital spark behind Freightlink Reload

ICG is creative and digital spark behind Freightlink Reload

Posted on 21 Sep 2011

When Europe's number one ferry booking specialist Freightlink needed to expand its portfolio, it once again turned to ICG for creative inspiration.Our design team was commissioned to produce branding for a new service called Freightlink Reload in line with the company’s current design which we created just over 12 months ago.Clever use of colour to distinguish Freightlink Reload from its parent services was developed for a new micro website which was embedded with an animated introductory video presentation.ICG’s digital team handled all design elements of the micro website as well as the design and build of the video.Easily navigable web pages populated with clearly defined information about the benefits of the new service as well as specific details about where and how it is available were created.Freightlink Reload went live this month, and ICG’s PR team is now working with the company’s trade press to launch the product and spread the word!

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