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Posted on 02 Feb 2010

Take one ferry...the beautiful medieval city of Bruges...snow and the promise of Belgium beer and chocolate and you have a memorable weekend away for Team ICG.Starting 2010 off in style, we set sail for the 'Venice of the North' on a P&O mini cruise for our post-Christmas festive celebrations.Greeted by blizzards, beautiful cobbled streets and horse drawn carriages, we all had a fabulous time with just a few adventures on the way.And ICG's top recommendations for a fantastic day of Flemish fun are: climbing the Belfry Tower in the market square, a tour of the Half Moon Brewery, gigantic hot chocolate drinks in The Chocolate House and a great little Flemish bar called 't Brugs Beertje.Amazingly, we all got there and back again in once piece...but, remember, learn how to drink from a Kwak and don't miss the last coach back to the port....

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