Stripes for success!

Stripes for success!

Posted on 26 Mar 2009

Preston based intergrated agency, ICG offers clients four distinctive services including graphic design, public relations, new media and advertising.

To promote these separate disciplines, we devised a set of four brightly coloured stripes and assigned each service its own colour, for example; orange for graphic design.

The branding is simple yet effective and has been rolled out across all elements of ICG’s promotional material, from stationery, business cards and website to corporate brochures and our annual ‘highlights’ books.

It is also included on a number of promotional items, including mugs, scarves, candy lollies, and even our interior office décor.

The simplicity of the vibrant stripes ensures consistency and creates a core brand for the agency without having to ‘over design’ our own material. We are clearly recognisable to our existing clients and boldly on view to potential new ones.

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