Appointment sealed with a kiss

Appointment sealed with a kiss

Posted on 14 Dec 2009

The latest addition to the ICG PR and marketing team is Paula Holden, who got more than she bargained for when she went along to meet her new client Blackpool Zoo. We thought it quite nice idea that she spent the day shadowing the keepers so she could get more of an insight into the workings of the zoo, which would help get the creative ideas flowing.

After being introduced to favourites like O’Grady the baby giraffe, the adorable lion cubs and the cheeky meerkats she was off to feed the sealions….perfect photo opportunity….or so she thought.

Paula was happily snapping away when sealion expert Khaled suggested she stand next to Lotte for a picture to remind her of the day.

Ever the professional she stepped forward, only to be surprised by a big, sloppy and very fishy kiss…..from Lotte.

Still, a good day was had by all and Paula arrived back at the office brimming with ideas for the 2010 publicity drive.

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