ICG tells the Tale of Two Cities

ICG tells the Tale of Two Cities

Posted on 17 Jun 2014

ICG's client, Language Schools International (LSI), runs prestigious educational establishments across the globe.

The LSI School in Zurich is celebrating 60 years of teaching excellence and so ICG's designers have created a stunning commemorative jubilee book entitled 'A Tale of Two Cities' to mark this year's very special milestone.

It takes inspiration from the school's original name, Two Cities Club, and features a timeline that runs throughout the book highlighting key events and achievements in the school's history.

Anecdotes from students, both past and present, provide insights as to what life as a pupil was, and is, currently like and subtle details on the inside spine of the book show how the branding has changed through the decades.

Other artistic touches include information stamps that mirror those on the traditional enrolment forms and a look back at how the school's advertising has evolved over the past 60 years.

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