Online language courses are go for LSI

Online language courses are go for LSI

Posted on 28 Apr 2020

ICG swiftly stepped up to the plate to help Language Schools International (LSI) communicate its new online campus offer in response to the impact of the coronavirus.


Following the temporary closure of LSI's 16 school buildings across seven countries, we were tasked with helping promote an innovative new campaign for online campuses for English, French and German language courses in a series of different time zones.


With significant discount incentives, the offer gives students the chance to continue any remaining study time in school once lockdown restrictions are lifted.



The campaign also included a special offer to give students free online classes with every booking of future face-to-face classes.


Working closely with LSI's Group Director, Roy Immanuel, the campaign collateral included a new website page, a digital flyer and social media assets in multiple languages as well as email marketing.


ICG also implemented an advertising campaign on Facebook and Instagram targeting specific countries with different language offers.



Engagement on social media is already producing lead generation results as students look for new ways to continue their learning during the global pandemic.


And, all of this happened with a two-day turnaround thanks to the great efforts of our design, digital and social teams.


The campaign follows ICG's recent rebrand of LSI - read our case study to find out more.




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